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Where did Poppy Innovations Ltd come from?  We took our name from the symbol of Demeter the Greek goddess of the harvest, the poppy.  According to Greek mythology, Demeter would spread poppy seeds to produce more plentiful crops.  And like those poppy seeds, we share our tools and resources to build stronger, healthier communities.

We believe empowering people with the knowledge and know-how to make healthy food choices is the recipe for building healthier, stronger communities.  Poppy Innovations has a social mandate to reduce the incidence of obesity for children and adults in our community by empowering them to develop food skills and nutritional knowledge for making healthier eating choices. We offer an “Edible Education” program for schools as well as a range of ‘gate to plate’ workshops that teach our children and adults in Calgary how to grow, harvest, cook and preserve wholesome produce.  Our passion is helping people in our community prepare healthy meals for their own tables.

Our Calgary cooking programs include “Gate to Plate Cooking” for our adult and teen crowd and “Parent & Child Culinary Class”.  In  2017 we launched “Cooking with Colours” for our youngsters starting at age 4, a multi-week cooking program to help children learn about nutrients by colour of food. Our programs are available in southeast and northwest Calgary. Check out our Kids Day Camps during summer holidays and school PD days.  Canning and preserving is a great way to eat seasonal foods year round, our canning classes will teach you the most up-to-date canning techniques to build your confidence to can at home. Our De Winton Community Garden provides garden plots for lease to residents of South Calgary, De Winton, Okotoks, and High River.

With increasing numbers of Canadian children suffering from diet-related health problems, including obesity and diabetes, we are committed to promoting and supporting healthy kids and healthy families.  We know that our communities are healthier when we all eat well and we share the responsibility of raising awareness and promoting better nutrition and food preparation.

Poppy Innovations also offers management consulting in the areas of management consulting, project management, and community development to support your business to grow and cultivate your organization’s potential.  Like finding ways to eat and live healthy, we also find effective solutions to business challenges to achieve your company’s goals.



Did You Know
Poppy is the symbol for the Greek goddess of the harvest.
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