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There is a strong and growing movement in Calgary and Alberta to eat food produced as close to home as possible.  Food that is grown, raised, and produced locally is fresh and full of flavour, providing our families with superb nutrition.  By supporting local producers, we are making choices that are environmentally friendly and will nurture our communities’ economies and industries.

Alberta has an abundance of growers and producers whose hard work and generations of knowledge and experience results in food of outstanding quality and that deserves to be at the centre of our dinner tables.  To find locally grown or raised products check out the farms and local producers with the Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association or find a farm to visit in your area.   Next time you are making a grocery list or are at the supermarket, consider supporting our local economy and the Alberta agricultural industry.

Buying fresh meat and produce is also possible at farmers’ markets.  In the Calgary region, there are a number of markets that give you the opportunity to learn about where food comes from; this is the philosophy behind the concept of ‘gate to plate.’  To find farmers’ markets in your area, visit Alberta Farmers’ Market Association website.

Of course, the best way to enjoy locally produced food is to grow and pick it yourself!


Eating fruits and vegetables when they are in season is the best way to get the most nutrition for the best value.  As produce comes into its peak season, the prices usually come down, but when we buy food like raspberries or asparagus out of season, it is typically flown in from another country, increasing the energy and time it takes between when it is picked and when it is served on our table.  Not only does this increase the distance food must travel and increase our environmental footprint, it also affects the taste and level of nutrients in the food.

See what’s in season in your community with the Alberta Seasonal Fresh Food Guide.


Building healthier communities by improving how and what we eat takes a collaborative approach.

Poppy Innovations contributes to our own community and works with like-minded organizations to make a difference.

  • Vice Chair, South Health Campus Development Council, Committee of  Calgary Health Trust 2014-
  • Advisory Committee, Nutrition for Healthy Lifestyles Program SAIT 2016 –
  • Project Leader – Foods Project, 4H Legendary Flatlands Club, 2015 –
  • South Health Campus Community Garden Steering Committee, 2014 – 
  • Food for Thought Event Organizing Committee (2013 – 2015), REAP Business Association
  • City of Calgary Food Assessment & Action Plan Stakeholder 2012
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